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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
too bad Alexander Semin just missed the cutoff with 34 goals per season (.409 gpg)... imagine replacing Vanek's name in the OP, with Semin... and how silly it would sound. "Semin is a GREAT player!".... lol

...wait for it.... here comes the "linemates" argument....

There are all kinds of factors that are protecting Vanek's #s is this comparison

1. His "real" rookie year, was in the AHL (because of the lockout), where as most players have to endure a more difficult rookie year in the NHL (and therefore impacting their career #s... low rookie scoring)

2. Vanek got to play in the rip roaring post lockout PP galore NHL

3. How many other players on the list got to play their first 2 seasons on a "3rd line" behind Briere/Drury?

4. Vanek is also benefitting from a lockout shortened season in which is hot start is protected from his usual drop off...

5. Putting him on a list that makes it seem like he's in the same ballpark as Selanne, Jagr, Iginla is ridiculous. If you wanted to be taken seriously, you'd compare Vanek's prime years against those guys prime seasons... and the comparison would be laughable.

6. there are many young players who havent hit their prime yet, and haven't collected the necessary 200 goals to qualify for the list

A cursory glance at the stats tells a feel good story for the pimpers... but the reality is much different.
Actually there is no 200 goal cutoff for this list. The only requirement was a .427 career gpg and that they have played a mere 100 games to knock out some riff raff like Alex Chiasson. None of what you listed means ANYTHING because nearly Everyone of these players listed got to play in the "rip roaring" post lockout NHL. Mad that Bobby Ryan isn't on the list?

Oh and when Vanek got to "play behind Briere and Drury" for a whopping 2 seasons he averaged 34 goals a season and wouldn't have even qualified. So he actually scored more without them then with them. Anything else you want me to debunk? The best one is your drivel about the lockout shortened season and that he would have dropped off, but wait I thought the reason for that wasnt a shortened year but that he got to play with Cody Hodgson?

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