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01-12-2004, 03:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Steve L
Dont forget your 1st born as well.
Ive given up with argueing with Burkes value, just laugh and move on after youve seen whatever the homers mention.
nothing like stereotyping Phoenix fans. give me a bloody break.

I'm a Phoenix homer and I've written more than one post that outlines specifically that Phoenix is not expecting any of Gagne, Williams, Comrie, Pitkanen, etc. in return.

Where are the moderators on this sort of post? Does this board promote antagonizing posts that deteriorate this board to the lowest common denominator. It's nice to have debate about issues for once instead of personalities. It is getting out of hand and has been for a long time. I implore the moderators to clean this up so the quality of posts can improve.

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