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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
You know, I think the reality here isn't only about drafting. It's about the fact that from basically 1995-2005, our team's player development has just been terrible.

These are the forwards we drafted from 1995-2002 who put up great numbers in junior/college/etc, and not as overagers

Christian Dube
Marc Savard
Daniel Goneau
Colin Pepperall
Stefan Cherneski
Johan Lindbom
Mike York
Manny Malhotra
Randy Copley
Boyd Kane
Pat Leahy
Pavel Brendl
Jamie Lundmark
Shawn Collymore

Chreneski was unfortunate. But, among all of that talent, the Rangers couldn't develop a single great offensive player? As it was, they only developed 3 NHL players out of that group at all, one who found his offensive spark elsewhere. Now, I'm aware that drafting and development are a crapshoot, but my point is that as much blame needs to fall on development as it does on drafting.
To his credit, Neil Smith tried to change direction, but he did it in advance of the 1999 draft which was one of the worst in history. Oops.

The following year, Sather comes in, guns-a-blazing and ready to spend Dolan's money and we were right back at square 1 again.

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