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08-07-2013, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
I really have never seen one player who was so horrible with our organization get such a pass from some fans. This is quite simple, let's stop blaming everyone else, instead blame the guy who was paid to stop the puck and failed to. Not Reese, not Lavy, not my god damn mother, Bryz is to blame for his departure and **** poor play. He was dreadful, and anyone trying to put some/all blame on anyone but Bryz is out in left field. He was the reason he struggled.

Mostly, I also have a problem with him throwing his teammates under the bus at the time. If any of you have played organized sports, this is a huge mistake. You take your problems out with the players in the locker room, you don't cry to the media(albeit we don't have media access haha.) Still you know that isn't the way you handle these situations, especially when he was not a leader of the room.

He needed to go, it's not my money and the Bob debate has been beaten too much over the last year, but BRYZ and BRYZ alone is the reason he struggled. Stop trying to create excuses for the player. When Giroux plays poorly, we call him out. We don't blame Lavy or anyone else for it. Keep the standards for all the players.

Turn the page, he is gone, and now let's torture the next goalie who comes in here(Mason and Emery)
If you read attentively, the discussion is not about Bryz anymore.

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