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Originally Posted by Towers View Post
I don't think prices are gonna be any lower. No reason for Verizon to do that.

Halliburton provides tons of jobs for people across the world. Doesn't make them any less ******.

You reap what you sow. The Canadian companies fought tooth and nail for the monopoly and don't want to share.

This article from 2008 (yes, that 2008 when the market collapsed) shows that the Canadian telecoms were above and beyond the largest in gross margin throughout the entire world.

Since then they've bought sports teams and other things while still maintaining great profit margins.

Meanwhile, prices continue to go up and I'm supposed to give a **** because they built the infrastructure? Whoopity doo. They've been treating us consumers unfairly for years and now the shoe is on the other foot and we're supposed to care?

**** that.

Monopoly? I'm pretty sure that there's more than 1 Wireless provider in Canada. Other companies are welcome to set up Wireless networks in Canada unfortunately not many companies are willing to make the huge capital investment that's required to do so.

And this article from 2012 shows that Canada's Cell Phone Rates are competitive with the rest of the world:

So you honestly think that Verizon, a company that has 4 times the number of subscribers than All of the Canadian Wireless Providers Combined should get to pay Vastly less than the Canadian Telecom providers when bidding on Canadian Spectrum? You do realize that the money from the Spectrum Auctions goes into the governments general revenues. Why should we as Canadian tax payers be subsidizing foreign companies?

The thing that Canadians seem to forget is that we have the second biggest country in the world Geographically but we only have 35 Million people. The USA is smaller Geographically and has 300+ Million people. So the Billions of dollars that it costs to build a Wireless Network are a lot easier to amortize in the USA than in Canada.

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