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Originally Posted by Ditchweed View Post
I've only been to Havana a few times and then mainly in tourist areas, but as I said, "side streets not so much", those are rough and are closer to Old Montreal but google something like "Havana tour busses" or "Havana main roads" to get some pictures of larger thorough fares and look at the images. Some roads are rough but you'll also notice that a lot of the roads are better than you say. Then do the google search for "Montreal roads" or drive down Sherbrooke, or St. Johns going south when north of Fairview then compare.

Further south, the road between Guardalavaca and the airport was not as wide as Quebec highways but was virtually pothole and cracked road free, that was two weeks ago. Next week I'll take a double check on the roads between the airport and Cayo Coco and count every pothole if I see any. Still, those are highways and not cities.

A lot of Montreal streets including main streets are a disgrace of potholes and more potholes and cracked roads. I made the comparison to Cuba here on the board, but I wasn't the only Montreal person to do so when we were on the buses in Cuba.

Gotta love you guys who have to defend Montreal at all costs, it's like the honour of your family is questioned. Accept it, it's a mess here, laced with corruption and roads falling apart. Of course its a harsher climate here which certainly adds to the issues, but one would think (hope) our roads would still be far better than a poor third world country rather than closer to them.
I don't 'defend Montreal at all costs.' I didn't even grow up here, nor do I even plan on staying longer than the conclusion of my degree. I have lived here for two years and have virtually no ties to the city. I don't even speak French for christ sakes.

I just get a kick out of people from Montreal thinking that they have it so bad when from what I have seen, it's a great city with pretty good infrastructure.

I mean comparing Cuba's roads to Montreal's is a farce. Riding around on a tour bus doesn't capture an ounce of what the roads in Cuba are like. We are talking about a country that has some of the oldest and most poorly maintained infrastructure in the Americas here.

I can't believe this is even up for argument.

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