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Originally Posted by pcruz View Post
Let me see if anyone can read this and not freak out about context and whatever.
Last year I went to Portugal for 2 weeks and then spent another week in Spain. I brought a cell phone purchased in Portugal a few years ago with capability for multiple sim cards, as well as a sim card for a European telecom company (Vobis I believe).

When I arrived, the pre-paid service had 20 Euros to use. After 3 weeks, and calls throughout Portugal and Spain, calls back to Toronto, etc, I had a total of 16 Euros left on the card.

So, in 3 weeks, with multiple international calls made and received (all wireless services have free incoming calls in Portugal by default), I spent 4 Euros - about $6 Canadian. And, if I had never made another call since, or added any money to the sim card, it would still, today, have the same 16 Euros left.

If you have a pre-paid service here in Canada, every month you must add to the available balance or lose the current balance. There is no carry-over, something that is baseline on the other side of the world, in a place where the economy has collapsed, started to rebuild and collapsed again.

I pay $450 to Rogers each month for regular internet, basic cable and 2 cell phone lines using a shared 1Gb data package and 1000 minutes. This would cost, back in Europe, something like 50 - 75 Euros.

And I can't seem to get a signal, much less 3G, at Sheppard and know, in the middle of the wilderness.
Then again, the argument that Canada is the world's 2nd largest country and therefore the telecom companies need so many towers, etc, doesn't hold any water when you look at the coverage maps. There is practically no service 300 km north of the border with the US, and 90% of the country's population is located within 200 miles of the border. It's not like there are thousands of towers located out in the middle of Nunuvut, northern Ontario, northern Quebec, etc.
I agree that Prepaid service in Canada is ridiculous. You shouldn't have to buy more minutes in order to keep the minutes that you already bought.

That is ridiculous. What does your Wireless Provider's Repair Department say when you tell them that you can't even get 3G Signal at Yonge & Sheppard? I'm in that area regularly and I get full bars of LTE.

Of course they don't build Towers where there aren't people, but as I said earlier Towers are not the only part of a Wireless Network and Canada still has a tiny population spread out over a huge country.

As to coverage maps:

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