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Originally Posted by Neely2005 View Post
Even if those numbers are accurate the UK is still in the process of getting LTE so it's not the best comparison as those Towers are Legacy equipment. Plus the UK has twice the population of Canada.

Also there's more to a Wireless Network than just the Towers. Each of those Towers has to be connected through Fibre Optical Cable which is either buried in Conduit or strung along Poles. And given the size of Canada that's a lot of Fibre Optical Cable to install and maintain.
That cable backbone is based on the same lines that were put in place to get telephone access to people in Canada (and HEAVILY subsidized by taxpayers might I add, this wasn't a burden carried by our multibillion dollar telecom overlords). It's not as hard as you make it sound. The real hard part is installation and maintenance of towers.

How does LTE affect the stat in any ways shape or form. In fact it probably strengthens my argument that carriers here don't have as much of a technological "burden" from geographic circumstances as we are led to believe.

To upgrade more than double the towers it's taking the UK carriers far more time, resources, and manpower to upgrade whereas Canadian telcoms had far less work to do.

Originally Posted by Neely2005 View Post
Sorry can you show me where I said that?

All I'm arguing for is a level playing field. All Wireless Providers should be under the same rules. When bidding for Spectrum all Wireless Providers should be participating in the same Auction under the same rules and it should be an open and transparent process.
The problem with asking for level playing field is that field EVEN IN IT'S CURRENT STATE is already tilted FAR in the incumbent's favor.

The big wireless auction that went down 5 years ago? Only AWS/1700MHz a frequency only used in the US by T-Mobile, was up for auction. The 850&1900 MHz bands were not put up for auction and were basically kept by the the Big 3. Is that a level playing field to you?

The fear here is of an opponent that actually has the financial might to out bid incumbents on the amazing 700MHz spectrum.

AWS/1700MHz that WIND/Mobilicity/Videotron hold is relatively worthless especially in the light of T-Mobile moving to the 1900MHz spectrum and using AWS/1700MHz which the new entrants can't do here (since T-Mobile got these chuncks of 1900MHz from the failed AT&T buyout) and don't have spectrum to roll out LTE on AWS.

These cries are that of the rich who might become a little less rich. Give me a ****ing break. Grow a spine and compete, fight for the customer to choose you over the competition.

The only thing I will concede to the claims of the big 3 is that there should be clause that IF a huge wireless company like Verizon buys WIND/Mobilicity/both the obligation of incumbents to allow them to freely roam on the big 3 networks should be void.

But at this point WIND/Mobilicity should have enough coverage to stomach the initial coverage drop off, or at least have Verizon eat the roaming fees.

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