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08-07-2013, 03:29 PM
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Is this the kind of thing that makes us believe that Canada is a world leader in telecommunications?

"As the Navigating Convergence Report states:11

"Observers have asserted that the concentration of broadband revenues accruing to ILECs and cable providers has the effect of keeping consumer prices higher than they might otherwise be. This is borne out in cross–OECD comparisons of broadband pricing. Among the most dramatic of the various comparisons is that of average broadband monthly price per advertisedMbps as measured in U.S. dollars, adjusted to purchasing power parity…"

Canada ranked 28th out of 30 in the specific cross–OECD comparison just cited.

The Final Berkman Report12 is the most comprehensive study of the state of broadband markets and trends from around the world. That report confirms Canada's poor performance across a number of broadband indicators:

"Though it was among the first nations in the world to provide widespread, retail broadband service, Canada's recent broadband development has lagged behind other developed nations. Canada's broadband penetration rates are often lauded, but the country is a poor performer on price and speed and a declining performer in penetration…13"

Small sample of this 2010 report and recommendation made to the CRTC and the government.

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