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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Gotta say, the hype for the new Easton sticks is exciting. Flex point between the hands and dual lie curves? Love it. Hope they introduce the patterns to intermediates in the mid-price points.

Also curious about the E36 pattern, apparently a 5 lie mid curve and slightly open? So a Heatley with a rockered toe? Sounds perfect.

Easton V-Series
i don't see where you're getting the bolded. the video about the "energy transfer" clearly states getting the flex point as low as they possibly can, and under "tuned flex profile" it states: "the tuned flex profile works with your body weight by storing the energy below your bottom hand to fully load the shaft and blade..."

edit: not trying to be nitpicky as i am hoping your flex description is true of one of the new v9 offerings.

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