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08-07-2013, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Dawdler View Post
I watch American Ninja Warrior and Wipeout so its not all crap

I watch Hell on Wheels, but there isn't much I can say because of how season 2 ended. At the time it looked like they weren't going to get renewed so they made some interesting plot choices which PO'ed a lot of people so season 3 is going to be very different from season 1 and 2 IMO
Yeah I watch some pretty stupid stuff. I have zero interest in most of the popular series that are on both network and cable TV. I've also been watching that Bear Grylls show on NBC. I was watching America Ninja Warrior's first episode this season and after it this show called "Siberia" came on. I got sucked into it and halfway through I knew it was complete horse **** and turns out it is. I felt like an idiot for watching it.

That is interesting about Hell On Wheels. I started watching it in the middle of the first season so now I've started over from the beginning on Netflix. I don't think i've seen any shows from the second season so thank you for not ruining it for me. I'd still watch it anyway.

Originally Posted by Shellz View Post
I started watching that show the other day and it was by accident.. but, I'm not complaining.. I'm enjoying it quite a bit. AMC does pretty damn well when it comes to TV shows. Nice to see.
That is how I started watching it. I had it on AMC one night and Breaking Bad came on. I never watch that show and I sucked into watching it. It was an episode where they were driving a RV they were making Meth in at the beginning. The main guy ends up locking up some dude in his basement and he and the Eminem looking dude end up fighting over who has to kill the guy. It was pretty interesting. I've been meaning to watch that show but there are a lot of seasons to go through so I'll probably wait until it is over before I start digging into that.

But after that episode of Breaking Bad was the first time I watched Hell on Wheels. I watched two more episodes after that and kinda forgot about it until I was at a friends house who has Netflix. I've been watching a few episodes a week for the past few weeks.

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