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Originally Posted by optimus2861 View Post
I've heard the radio ads. Disgustingly self-serving garbage. I've bounced around a couple of thoughts on the matter. One, it's pretty bad that we have to hope for a company like Verizon to enter our market just to get our telecom pigs to behave a little better. Two, if Canadians don't support the smaller and newer firms with our business when we have the chance, then ultimately we've got nobody to blame for our rotten market but ourselves.
Apparently even the Feds are sick of the Canadian wireless companies. I have heard that the Feds are taking over the build and install of the wireless towers and the carriers just need to install their antennas. The Feds need better wireless coverage and were not getting it so they going to try and remedy it rather than leave it to the carriers. I am all for Verizon moving here. I also hope the Vodafone and Orange come in also. I remember Richard Branson commenting when he opened Virgin mobile here he said why wouldn't do it with the way it is set up in Canada there is no way I CAN"T make money doing this. Then he sold out to Bell.

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