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08-07-2013, 06:03 PM
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Originally Posted by lancer247 View Post
I never see people saying Bob failed or blame Reese for his play. Bob was fine but fell victim to the Flyers tying themselves to Bryz financially.

How can you blame Reese for Bryz ducking from pucks or just not making any momentum changing saves? I think Bryz lost his fire with the big pay day and may have incentive to play again. I would like to see how Reese does with Mason before passing judgement on his status as the coach.
Then your not reading the posts cause that's all i've been saying. I am (partially) blaming reese for his play. I think bob was a really good goalie but had the same consistency problems bryzgalov had. I am looking at the whole team and speculating. Obviously nothing is fact besides bryzgalov's contract sucking. I'm just venting because i am going to be annually upset if bobrovsky continues to excel and win more vezinas, especially on that team of his. I'm sort of making a point about how the flyers make crazy decisions and then just move on like oh well. and so seems do the fans. I feel like the team has a collective case of A D D.

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