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08-07-2013, 09:55 PM
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Well first off RBI is a completely useless stat so I'm not sure why you even cited it (And if we are to pretend it is useful his pace is for 101 which would be the third highest of his career...). Second I don't know why you rounded .288 to .280 instead of .290 and neglect to take into account that almost the entire reason for that decline is a small BABIP drop and variance. Third what do you mean only 20 HR? Since 2009 his PA/HR is 27.0,24.0,24.3,21.1,22.8(this year) so his HR rate is actually the second highest this year that it's been in the past 5...Additionally where did I say JUST because he's walking more I just mentioned that as a factor and that after 10 years he has finally become a guy who can walk significantly more than league average which is huge given the importance of OBP.

Now if you wanted to make a logical argument showing him having a bad year you could state that his doubles have significantly decreased this year which is a fact that could be mildly concerning.

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