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Originally Posted by SA16 View Post
Well first off RBI is a completely useless stat so I'm not sure why you even cited it. Second I don't know why you rounded .288 to .280 instead of .290 and neglect to take into account that almost the entire reason for that decline is a small BABIP drop and variance. Third what do you mean only 20 HR? Since 2009 his PA/HR is 27.0,24.0,24.3,21.1,22.8(this year) so his HR rate is actually the second highest this year that it's been in the past 5...Additionally where did I say JUST because he's walking more I just mentioned that as a factor and that after 10 years he has finally become a guy who can walk significantly more than league average which is huge given the importance of OBP.
RBI is a useless stat? That means you're delivering with men on base, which is what a clean up hitter is paid to do, drive in runs. He's actually at 285 with tonight's game and dropping as he's about 6 for his last 48.. Yes I'm glad his walk rate is going up and getting on base more, that was something he needed to work on despite always being a 300 hitter.. He's not having the season where you go"give that guy mega bucks" is all I"m saying. He's had much better seasons.

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