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08-07-2013, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Lundsanity30 View Post
RBI is a useless stat? That means you're delivering with men on base, which is what a clean up hitter is paid to do, drive in runs. He's actually at 285 with tonight's game and dropping as he's about 6 for his last 48.. Yes I'm glad his walk rate is going up and getting on base more, that was something he needed to work on despite always being a 300 hitter.. He's not having the season where you go"give that guy mega bucks" is all I"m saying. He's had much better seasons.
Yes it means "Given the situation where a player is on base and the hitter is up and hits the ball somewhere in the field or possibly hits a semi deep flyball or hits a groundball with a runner on third and the runner is fast enough to round the bases and score or the fielders have weak enough arms or the bases are loaded and the pitcher is incapable of throwing a strike the player gets credit for 1 run batted in"

It also has absolutely zero predictive value, is entirely a stat of circumstance largely depending on how good the batters who hit before you are, and basically is meaningless in every possible way.

And as I just said even if we pretend it's important he is on pace for the third most RBI he's ever had in a season so how can you say he's not worth a big contract because of poor RBI production this year.

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