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Originally Posted by diceman934 View Post
Boy....we're did you get the information that you posted....there is no requirement at all to obtain sponsorship corporate or otherwise...

Did you ever look on the back on their names at all,...only the Jr team has the players names on them as it is a league mandated rule.

There are also no sponsorship names on their jerseys....they have no team sponsors....the hounds logo on the front and the players numbering the back....that is it.

The individuals who attend Notre Dame are not treated as privileged fact most are not from privileged homes....most are from the working class like everyone. The students clean the dorms, work in the kitchen and clean and help in other areas campus....they do not get paid and all students are required to complete the same amount of time. What makes this environment different is that most all students are there for athletics which makes it a highly competitive environment..there is virtually nothing to do but school, hockey (sports) and workout or play competitive shopping malls, no parties, etc. That is what makes ND what it is.
I am glad to see that someone else has the same background knowledge on what ND is and what all pertains to this prep school.

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