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08-08-2013, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Aside from his injury issues, this statement is completely incorrect. Last year, he didn't have a great PPG pace, but the years prior to that he was scoring at at least a .5 PPG pace. He was unable to stay healthy for a full 82, that is true, but when he was on the ice he has been effective. Having Gagne out there, if only for 40 games and the rest of the time having McGinn/Akeson/Straka/whomever filling in is better than just having one of them in there or rotating them. Getting more games out of Gagne would be a bonus. This obsession with youth is getting old (no pun intended). Younger doesn't mean better and having potential doesn't mean better. It's not the end of the world if Gagne isn't re-signed, but not icing the better team in hopes that one of our mediocre prospects can play the same way we know Gagne can play isn't a great move.

For the people who are saying this, what do you expect out of a third line winger? I don't think there is any expectation to have McGinn/Akeson/Straka/whomever score at a higher pace than Gagne did last year with the Flyers, and I don't think anyone is legitimately arguing that those guys are better defensively than Gagne.
I'll take 82 games of Tye McGinn's tenacity over an injury prone, tentative Simon Gagne. Gagne's asset to this team would be on the power play, and not much else. His game has completely changed since the head injuries, it's a shame but it's not worth arguing over.

Completely incorrect though? That's a bit of a stretch, no? He hasn't been a factor since that cup run, in really any situation, for any team.

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