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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
Ola, just to answer your question about where the team's defense ranks offensively. Last season we were:

17th overall
10th even strength
28th powerplay

The D are obviously part of the powerplay, and bear some of the responsibility. But, if we could just improve the powerplay to middle-of-the-pack, we would have gotten a top 10 offense from our D, overall. There is an argument to be made that our D definitely has the potential to be a top-10 D offensively, if we just had a working powerplay.
Yeah, but its been up there along time. We get some pts from them, many of perfectly fine solid plays.

I am not saying that we don't have 6 very good defenders. We definitely do. On some kind of objective scale, our blueline could even be the best in the league -- looking at the value of each respective D and adding it up. But, our blueline as a group is not top 5 due to not having any kind of elite offensive punch. And that shows in them being 28th on the PP for example (where did you find those numbers BTW, I couldn't find them?).

Our D's definitely lack a certain element. You know what you are going to face when you play our team, and its easy to handle for a defending team. We just have nobody that can do what a good PPQB can do, on the PP or 5 on 5.

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