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01-12-2004, 06:04 AM
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I DO watch the games and I watch closely. What I see is that the defensemen on the team are often pressured just as much as the forwards at the point. If it had been Recchi and not Johnsson who was beaten so badly on the play that caused the penalty shot there would have been no end to the comments about how he shouldn't be on the point. Recchi's play there is magnified while the defensemen are largely ignored.

Also, only Neilson used Recchi on the point on a regular basis. He used him as a defenseman in practice one day out of each week to keep him sharp should play go the other way and I think it worked well. I don't think Recchi was beat as much as you say. In the following years Barber rarely used Recchi on the point even though fans were screaming for him to be put there. Your assertion that he played the point the next couple of years is simply incorrect. 5 on 3s is the only time he played the point except for a handful of games where he split some time with Kapanen there. I think each player played around 5 games on the point 5 on 4.

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