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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
I never stated Del Zotto is awful; go re-read my post because your reading comprehension is lousy.

The only idiot on here is you for writing what you did about Del Zotto being an up and coming defenseman(when he has been pathetic in the playoffs!) and for your insult to my intelligence. I've forgotten more about hockey than you will ever know pal!
No, no. Please spare us all of your stupidity. I can read...much better than you. When you call someone a "Del Zaster" (you are so clever btw, we should give you a lollipop for your funny jokes) that is basically saying someone is awful.
Originally Posted by Lundsanity30 View Post
I wonder if people know that Del Zotto at his age has put up more points than Letang did at the same age.. despite playing with guys far inferior to Crosby and Malkin!.
Facts? Facts you say?? Get out of here with those. The young man still sucks because he had one bad playoff series against NJ in 2012. Clearly this kid is a bust.

Before the NJ series, Del Zotto had 8 points in 14 GP. 4 of those 8 points came from the PP. He was a minus player in just one game before the NJ series. ONE out of FOURTEEN. You clearly are the one who cannot read. Idiot. Oh and btw....his grandmother passed away right as the NJ series started. He had flown back home for her wake/funeral and then back to the Tri State area to play. But hey, he is simply not allowed to be a human being because that would just deter your ****ing stupid argument right now.

As a rookie at just 19 years old he was a -20. But he also put up 37 points, the most by a defenseman on the Rangers that year. His defensive game needed work, but he had an instant impact on the team.

Two years later after having a setback like most 20 year olds tend to have, he comes back as a 21 year old in the 2011-2012 season and puts up 41 points as a +20 player. Complete reversal for his impact on the ice as far as a liability goes. Led the team again. 9 points ahead of McDonagh and 12 points ahead of Girardi. Those two played all 82 games. Del Zotto played 77. Maybe Del Zotto ends up with a few more points that year. 18th in the league in scoring among defensemen. Tied for 11th in the league in +/- among defensemen. But hey man, this KID is garbage. Again you are an idiot.

Last year with offensively challenged team we had, and a defense that was missing Staal for half the season, he led the team again with 21 points in 46 GP, with a +6. He had the 3rd most minutes for TOI if you don't count Staal which again you can;t because you know he had that whole injury thing. He was counted on two handle much more of the work and he did a fantastic job. His OVERALL game as you like to point out as a liability, was nothing short of spectacular compared to how he was in the past and the circumstances this team was dealt. He was great last year, even better than McDonagh and Girardi at times because they were having off years. And let us remind you, all at 22 years old on a great contract. He was on pace for his highest scoring season at just 22 years old. He has led the team's defensemen in scoring 3 of the last 4 years.

But you know what, we are all the idiots, and you are a genius Drew. Actually, no you are just an idiot who is really the one who cannot read. Simply put. Oh and btw, John Carlson who you claim would've been a better choice than Del Zotto, put up 22 and 32 points, respectively, the last two years. I guess the Rangers drafting Del Zotto wasn't that horrible after all.

In the words of Bill Engvall, "Here's Your Sign."

EDIT: Just some more food for thought, the last rangers defenseman to reach 40 points was Roszival in 2006-2007. The last rangers defenseman to score more than 41 points was Poti in 2002-2003 with 48 points. I think Del Zotto can top that this year under AV

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