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08-08-2013, 01:45 PM
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I read the article about Josi and do not believe that he should be looked at with the perspective of a money hunter trying to secure years because the opportunity is their and he is scared with his health.

Hence :"Painful past prompts Josi to secure future with long-term deal" is a very simple interpretation and does not correspond to my understanding of whom he is.

This reason is certainly part of the balance of what to do, but is certainly not the main and only reason he would take that deal.
1st ... is he really injury prone ? 1 concussion and 1 broken wrist ? **** happens ... no reason to project it eternally. I am convinced that if he would feel that he had health problems, he would come back to Switzerland ... play calmly in the Swiss league ... and still get a good salary for at least 15 years. So he would make his 0,5 to 1 mio/yr after taxes. Enough to live very well all his life.

I do rather view him as a much smarter person that would be more family oriented than $ oriented. He made a choice according to this, knowing that he would still be in his 30's after this contract and able to get another, maybe and probably higher contract than this one. He knows that by staying in the same place, people will invest in him and he will invest in them.

Ties and stability are more important to him than immediat $ reward and cold blooded security bet.
He was born in Bern, played for Bern, always stayed their. Nashville is his second team in his life ! (he was lent a couple of games to another team being 18)

He comes from a land (Bern region) where love for the land of his parents exists. Respect for relationships are higher than $ ! Not for nothing that he tried to arrange an opportunity for the Preds and for Simon Moser to come over. Moser is from Bern as well and other NHL teams were interested in him.

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