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I think it's interesting that Patterson, the head OHL scout, vouched for Morin (QMJHL) over Nurse (OHL). He probably saw Nurse the most as his main area is the OHL, and it says something that in his cross-over scouting (I'm assuming he did cross-over scouting in the Q and saw Morin play) he came to the conclusion that he thought Morin was a better prospect.

Doing the heavy lifting on the later rounds of the draft are several key scouts.

The trio handling the CHL (Canadian Junior Leagues) are former Flyer Mark Greig (WHL), Dennis Patterson (OHL) and Todd Hearty (QMJHL).

All three also crossover and see each other’s teams and work in concert to discuss potential prospects, but all still have their own opinions and often lobby harder for the players in their primary territory if a debate arises.

“Cumulatively we get together and try to rank a list of players that we value,” said Greig, who makes his home in Lethbridge, Alberta. “In doing so, we try to cover the players in the beginning of the year, the middle of the year and the playoffs and hope that they progress throughout the season. Then in the end, you hope you get it right because it’s hard to project 17-year-old kids into becoming men.”

In Europe, the tandem is former Flyer Ilkka Sinisalo and Matti Kautto with recently hired Antero Niittymaki hoping on board as a European goaltending scout. Neil Little is primarily the North American goalie scout, although if you’ve read his blog, you see he’s been all over the world.

In Russia Ken Hoodikoff and Vaclav Slansky do the scouting while here in the U.S. the collegiate ranks are handled by John Riley and Ross Fitzpatrick. The United States Hockey League, the top major U.S. junior league, is manned by Wade Clarke, son of Flyers great Bob Clarke.

Andre Beaulieu, Jack McIlhargey, Al Hill and Simon Nolet round out the staff with Flyers legend Bill Barber helping out as a consultant.

“We certainly trust each other,” Hearty said. “We know the guys in our primary leagues the most but we definitely will go over and see the guys that one another are talking about. We certainly get excited about our own guys sometimes, but we are all capable of putting things in perspective. There’s a little bit of lobbying, sure, but we all trust each other.

“I’ve worked with a few different organizations and I won a Cup (as a scout) with the Anaheim Ducks, but I can say now this is the best organization in the league to work for in this department. Bar none.”
and Simon Nolet saw him a lot too. Motion to vote "Morin" carried!

The Flyers have rarely missed in the first round, especially with players from Quebec. There is a famous story about Quebec-based scout Simon Nolet jumping up and down 7 years ago for a player named Claude Giroux.

Sean Couturier, Simon Gagne and Giroux are just a few of the players Nolet has pushed to draft recently.

"Simon Nolet and Todd Hearty spent a lot of time following Sam around," Holmgren said. "They're very excited that we were able to draft him."

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