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01-12-2004, 07:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Cuiffitelli
This team does not even have that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right now, maybe two Flyers are on pace for 30 and most likely neither will make it. You need to wake up and look at reality. Some of the people on this board really overate the Flyer's forwards. Honestly, JR is a 2nd line center on a cup team. Gange is at best a 25 goal scorer. (He lack accuracy in his shot) JW is a third line player and Tony A is over the hill. Just stop it and realize that this team needs that finisher and none of these guys are it. Not someone who is hot but a player who night after night, season after season, scores goals! I really hope that I am worng in my assessment of this team, but i can't see this team winning a cup unless Broudor became our goaltender. Since that is not going to happen, We must get some top-notch scoring....
Ok, so you know more than I do. Good for you. I need to wake up because I see that 2 players are on pace for around 30 goals but you KNOW they won't make it. Good for you.

If you read what I've written since I've been here, or know me from the O&B you will know that I have said that some of our players aren't pulling their weight. What I'm arguing with you about is that the team doesn't NEED a 45 goal scorer and one isn't OBTAINABLE anyway. I've said that those on pace for too few goals needed to be upgraded.

But you've asked me to "stop it" and I will. I will bow to your superior knowledge about the game. :mad:

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