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11-06-2006, 03:22 AM
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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
take a free weight plate and tie a 4 foot 1/4" or less Diameter rope through its middle at one end. You choose the plate weight that suits you best. For the other end you will need something like an old large mop or broom handle. Cut a length about 18" long. Drill a small hole through its center and tie the rope through. You can get fancy making two discs to guide the rope as it coils but not needed. Using just the wrists, wind up to about a foot from your hands and then controled unwind send the weight back down to the floor. You will improve wrist power very quickly. remember to work both over hand and underhand..
Agreed. In my experience, this is the best way to build your wrist strength. Start out with some smaller weight, like five pounds, and gradually work your way up. Increase the number of repetitions each time also. But the only way for anything to really work is if you go out in the driveway and shoot pucks. If you are shooting the puck correctly over and over, along with building wrist strength- you will see some significant improvement in your wrister in no time.

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