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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Seeing how some are handling themselves when they talk about McCarron proves so much how the Habs were slow at waking up and bring those types of guys in. We're so not used to get those kinds of players....I mean, for the old guys like me, I guess there "could" be some type of Turner Stevenson syndrom but then, this would solely be looking at a big guy vs a big guy and not really compare their entire and complete game.

The kid will be a NHL'er. Give him time and PLEASE.....don't judge him on this freakin tournament....or the WJC or lack thereof. Please remember how average Ryan McDonagh looked at those WJC and how he THEN became expendable....
Good ol' Turner Stevenson...right in the middle of the Seattle fascination...a sorry time in team draft history. Vallis, Bilodeau, Stevenson three years in a row.. What was even worse was that it was reported in the Hockey News ahead of time that the Habs were going to take was well known throughout hockey who the team was choosing two months before the draft.

The Habs followed the "Seattle trifecta" with Wilkie, Ryan and Higgins. The Habs' western scouts in the 90's are the largest reason why the Habs haven't had a sniff at winning the Cup since 1993....six out of 8 years between 1989 and 1996 the team selected WHLers in the first round who were essentially busts - with the possible exception of Turner. If that had occurred in the past dozen years during the internet age - the team would have gone through six head scouts due to multiple mob lynchings.

McCarron didn't hurt his chances at this tournament I don't think. He used his size some and had a few points. Thankfully he skates way better than Turner...who never lived up to his given name - he "Turned" like a battleship.

I know WS..back to my book.

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