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08-08-2013, 10:27 PM
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because he habitually blocks shots, even on breakaways and 2-1's. The coaches tell him hey, Smid, don't do that anymore, and then he does it again, time after time, flopping on the ice as the puck goes in the net. Watch Oil Change.

I dunno maybe I'm wrong but IMO the guys with the Ice time are the ones who are the problem. IE: Smid, what is goal? Block with face? Shoot puck where? What is rush the puck mean? Ok, dump puck up Ice back to opponant, and try block shot again.

I love the guy he is hillarious but he should not be getting 1st line D, and needs some serious new habits. There is a reason why all the guys upstairs talk about is getting a legit #1 or #2 D-Man.
Did you really try to tell everyone here that a top 4 d, who blocks a **** ton of shots and one that everyone would love on their respective team is not coachable, nor a very valuable asset to any team? He is not a #1 or 2 d... everyone here knows we still need one so he can excel in the 2nd pairing.