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Originally Posted by Tad Mikowsky View Post
Wait. so you mean to tell me, that blocking shots is a bad thing?
There's a time and a place. The guy is a stumblebum though, just like moreau was in his end of times. How many #1 D-men get paid 3.5M, cant pass, score, or rush the puck? I mean seriously 4 points last season for 1st line minutes? 4 freakin points? How long have the oilers been giving this guy prime ice time? He has had three seasons with zero goals. Yes zero. Thrice. How long have the Oilers been waiting on him? 7 years. .13 P/PG. career -39. He's not even scary, and Avery sure didnt seem to think so. Most of his blocked shots have been perimiter shots to inflate his stats, just like Dubnyks saves.

Yes this teams problems are 4th line flavor of the week. No, IMHO .. its mainly because of who is on the ice the most not being able to play hockey compared to his opponants who can.

Is this the type of liability we want to have in our second most important role on the team as our #1 D-Man?

And i was mainly reffering to him attempting to block shots on break-aways and 2v1's.. Did you watch Oil change? Remember where Smith is talking to Smid about Flopping everywhere? I don't have time to pull it up but I am sure somebody remembers. Then he goes and does it again, and again. That's a liability.. but he loves Edmonton... so...

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