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08-08-2013, 10:38 PM
prairie hab
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I am not trolling here. Rider fan coming in peace.

Anthony Calvillo needs to retire. He is tainting the legacy right now. Not so much by his play and the team's, but by how he is shouldering NO BLAME for the disaster of a season the Al's are having. His body language towards the coaching staff and teammates is embarrassing. He is acting like a spoiled child, and it shows just how good Trestman really was in elevating AC to what will be a hall of fame career. Hawkins was in over his head, but the AL's seem to be in denial that THEY chose him to be the successor to Trestman. Popp needs to admit he was largely to blame for such a miscast of a hire. Popp, Hawkins, and the team needed to find a better balance in maintaining the foundations of the Trestman scheme/program, but also allowing for Hawkins and his staff to bring in new ideas. Veteran teams resist change at the best of times, but Popp should have evaluated his hire better before things went south so quickly. If he wanted consistency from Trestman's tenure then why was an internal staff hire not considered more seriously? A guy with a spotty coaching history with no CFL experience (let alone the majority of his staff) was risky at best.

I really do not see this team seriously contending this season, and AC along with the brass might be best served to swallow their pride and come to grips with the fact that Trestman is not coming back....

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