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I'm not trying to blame anyone. I like the guy. Thanks for responding also..

In response to your statement about putting his body on the line every game.. what about the rest of the team? What about Hemsky? RNH? Ebs playing w/a broken finger? Brown? Jones? Horcs punishment? Eager? Lander? Barker? Hordi? Sutton? Pecks? Khabby playing drunk? lol

It is expected to give it your all every game, and put your body on the line. That doesn't change the fact that he is inept with the puck.

He holds the most value so yes if lightning will strike twice it will have a better chance of happening with him. Either way it doesnt even have to be lightning, any static spark will do.. you dont think Smid a 2nd and Musil/Gernat + Harti could upgrade our top D? I love defense and have emphasized it's importance already.. however, the game is measured by who scores the most goals. I don't see how a career -39 and .13 P/PG game is suitable even for a top 4 D, let alone a #1 D.

Petry is almost equal to him in those stats now-a-days anyways, how redundant.

Mac-T is smart enough to figure this out I am sure and I highly doubt Smid will play his entire 7 or so remaining years with the Oilers. Either way his hockey IQ is not adequate to equilibriate with the rest of the team. We had a guy like him once.. Ulanov.. great warrior I loved him..

Smid should play bottom pair if anything, I don't understand how you can put him out there with all that skill. When the puck does manage to come up the ice,all you get is one rush from Hall who then gets smashed into the boards while Smid just stares at the guy.. Me kill you... no drop of gloves..
This conversation is not about the other players though... but I will bite, everyone brings something different to the table... Where a player lacks in a certain ability one can certainly make up for it by being better at something else... In the case of Smid, he is more willing to block a shot than anyone else on the team and that is proven by his shot block totals as he leads in that category year after year. Its an important stat and it is recorded because those types of players are very useful, everyone and their dog knows Smid cant score at all. If you cant score you have to be effective at something else to stick with the team. While Smid doesnt score many points... If I was a GM I would know that Smid will do anything and everything to keep the puck out of the net so im not sure ppg matters in his case, of course it would be awesome for him to score but that is not the reality in his situation. These types of players have many uses... Closing out games, PK, shutting down the opposition and in Smid's case top opposition and doing quite well iirc... Smid has been a soldier through all of the tough years, has been a bright spot in the dressing room, wants to stay here and most importantly effective at his job. I If I could prove it I would say that all 29 other NHL teams would love to have him as their #4 shutdown defencemen. You simply can't blame him for playing #1 minutes or not scoring points, thats just not the player he is.

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