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Originally Posted by MetaOil1993 View Post
Okay I guess we can just let the shot get through and watch the other team score Hes a shut down D his job is to block shots.

Of course hes not a #1 D and I am sure everyone will agree on that, Its not his fault that we don't got a #1 guy, those types of players are rare and not every team has one.
That's exactly my point. The other team scores because thats ALL he does. Lay on the ice. How about a stick check bro? a back check? a take-away?

And yes every team does have a #1 D-Man it's the guy who plays the most minutes, which is my complaint about Smid. Sorry I wasnt trying to blame him for all of his shortcomings. I was however trying to blame him for why the Oilers have all of these glaring deficiencies in their #1 D. Like I said, the coaches are telling him to step it up, and he is not responding and I don't believe he is capable.

It's obviously the managements fault that we don't have a #1 D, but everyone has been hyping Smid up to be this person for *years* 7 exactly. The fact is, that he has failed.

Originally Posted by Apocalyptic Mist View Post
This conversation is not about the other players though... but I will bite, everyone brings something different to the table... Where a player lacks in a certain ability one can certainly make up for it by being better at something else... In the case of Smid, he is more willing to block a shot than anyone else on the team and that is proven by his shot block totals as he leads in that category year after year. Its an important stat and it is recorded because those types of players are very useful, everyone and their dog knows Smid cant score at all. If you cant score you have to be effective at something else to stick with the team. While Smid doesnt score many points... If I was a GM I would know that Smid will do anything and everything to keep the puck out of the net so im not sure ppg matters in his case, of course it would be awesome for him to score but that is not the reality in his situation. These types of players have many uses... Closing out games, PK, shutting down the opposition and in Smid's case top opposition and doing quite well iirc... Smid has been a soldier through all of the tough years, has been a bright spot in the dressing room, wants to stay here and most importantly effective at his job. I If I could prove it I would say that all 29 other NHL teams would love to have him as their #4 shutdown defencemen. You simply can't blame him for playing #1 minutes or not scoring points, thats just not the player he is.
Sure i get ya, thanks..

Joey Moss would do anything for the Oilers as well, and he loves Edmonton. He is extremely valuable to the team, and has been around forever. He tries his hardest for the team, but he simply doesn't keep the puck out of the net, period.

Petry knows when to block shots and when to pass or dump or rush, or clear, and has almost just as many hits and blocks as Smid. So you can't really say who is willing to do more but you could use these stats to determine hockey IQ, in which Petry>Smid.

A shut down D-Man means shut the other team down, so they don't score Sure he blocks perimiter shots, and picks his spots with clean hits just like his fights.. but he is definately not a shut down defenseman.. maybe an *attempted* shutdown defenseman.. but what are his take-aways/give-aways? He does close out games for the Oilers, unfortunately he only closes the door to the W column usually.

I used the other players as a reference to let ya know that everyone puts their body on the line, game in game out.. its their job.. not just Smid, and he should receive no special regard for this "heroic feat"

Quite well at shutting down the other teams opposition? RNH does more of that than him. In fact the only reason the oilers are doing anything is because of the top 6, stats dont lie. You have an argument for top 4 but a weak one at that. Nick Schultz was brought in for Blocking Shots and his defensive positioning.. Petry does it too..

top shot blockers arent typically #1 D-men they are usually down the chart quite a bit.. the Oilers do not have one single legitimate powerplay quarterback, but instead have invested all their chips into a top 6 for more firepower. How are they gonna get them the puck? They can't even win a face-off. =C

Whos gonna pick up Schultz off the ice? Smid? Will Justin even be able to play enough games without injury to even develop? Brown barely won half his fights last year.

I blame Smid because he is uncoachable. It's not his fault just like a schizophrenic has no fault in commiting a crime. It just is what it is. Maybe Mac-T hasn't traded him because he just can't.

I really want to see him succeed and even have a disability myself but he HAS to have peaked by now. Regardless of who's fault, The Oilers will NOT make the playoffs with him as the top D unless Eakins can somehow.. well do anything really.. anything at all.. cattle prod.. fibreglass in the jock strap.. trip to the video room.. corporal punishment I have no clue because whatever Steve Smith is doing is not working.

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