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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
Once again, we have a failure to read and understand what I wrote. All I've been saying since DZ has been here is that he won't maximize his God given ability because he has a low hockey IQ. How many braindead performances that spring out of nowhere does he have to have before some people around here get it or did we all of a sudden forget all of the DZ trashings that inundated this site after last season's playoffs?

Btw, I'm not the only poster around her who refers to DZ as Del Zaster.
Selective Amnesia doesn't fly around here!
Once again, I'll remind you I have read your pessimistic posts very clearly. Don't back track now. You have bashed MDZ thoroughly. There is no failure on my part to read. I understood what you wrote, don't downplay it now. You made it very clear that IN YOUR OPINION you feel DZ has a low hockey IQ and he has been a horror show in the playoffs (which is not entirely true when you look at the facts).

And brain-dead performances? He is just 23 years old. He is rounding out his game. His game was significantly better in his own end last year. McDonagh had some "brain-dead" games last year but I don't hear you saying crap about him. Of course not because you simply don't like Del Zotto.

I really don't see Del Zaster written often, just from you sir. But hey, thank you for your quality response to my lengthy post of FACTS. All you have to offer is DZ has a low IQ and you made sure you defended yourself again claiming you aren't calling him awful (which, I gotta say again, striking similarities between the words awful and disaster). It'd be one thing if you sat here and acknowledged some of the positives MDZ has, but you haven't. You don't offer any opportunity for a quality hockey discussion. You ooze negativity and the sky is falling mentality just so you can tell all the Rangers FANS 'I told you so.'

The fact of the matter is MDZ has been the leading scorer on defense for 3 of the last 4 years. Does he have flaws? Sure he does. He is not perfect otherwise he'd be up for the Norris already. He is getting better every year. And to be honest, for him to be sent down to the AHL after his rookie year, get hurt, and then come back the way he did in 2011-2012, shows a lot of damn good character from such a young man.

Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
That's a very reasonable assumption on your part. I hope I end up eating crow when all is said and done regarding Stepan's ceiling and Del Zotto's as wll!
Typical pessimistic remark. Always gotta make sure you cover your back by stating you'll eat crow, but realistically you are not rooting for those players so that you'll have to admit you were wrong.

It truly amazes me why some people even bother stating they are a fan of a team if they are just going to be so damn negative about that team. Find every little thing wrong with the team and/or the players on the team. Why bother? Be a devils fan or an islanders fan then. No one is forcing you to support the rangers. And this is not to say we don't look at things objectively, but we also don't bury every player six feet under.

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