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Originally Posted by Apocalyptic Mist View Post
Hes a #1 D by default, he should ideally be on the 2nd pairing... im sure you are smart enough to figure out why Smid is on the 1st pairing.

I know what clip on Oil Change you're talking about but fact is... the coach was just being a coach. A coach telling his players what to do in certain situations doesn't mean he is and I quote "uncoachable", it means he is still learning... it goes for everyone on the team... ex. Hopkins and Gagner with faceoffs. Please dont tell me you think they are uncoachable.
Thanks for the reply.. I can understand your concern, kinda harsh worlds... I suppose he obviously wouldnt have made it to the NHL if he was totally uncoachable.. BUT

Well I say it because I watch that episode.. and then I watch the games and I see it happening quite a bit still.. I mean I watch the games and I can see he's gonna do it.. theres like 1 of the other teams 4th line grinders forechecking a dump in, and there he is flopping on the ice right in the middle of the slot during a 1 on 1 trying to block the shot.. w..t..f.. and then theres another puck in the net and a bill to my bookie ... thats why I say uncoachable..

I have a job where I am a professional and have been doing what I do my whole life, but when I work with this new company they tell me to do things differently but with the same intended results.. fact is.. If I don't listen.. I get fired.. plain and simple, I have to do things their way, and stroke some egos. I have to be able to listen and do what the boss says.. hence I am coachable.

Smid is too old to still be learning hes played 7 years, thats half his career. 3 of those with zero goals, (yes zero... three times... each almost a full season, when Igor freaking ulanov can get 18 points in half a season) and only 4 points last year while playing with Hall, Eberle, RNH, Gagner, Yakupov, less than 25 feet up the ice. How about a pass? Just one? Youd think with all his blocked shots, just one would bounce off him to Eberle to Hall and in the net but not even that. It is totally mind boggling.

Gags and RNH are kids, its harder for them to be coachable in the same sense because they dont have a defensive coach.. sure they have a PP coach which they are doing well with, but on the other hand they have also had 3 coaches in the last 3 years who just complain to the GM about face-offs instead of teaching them how... so that makes it harder for them to compare to Smid who mainly takes defensive orders from S.Smitty with no real results. Maybe this team needs an offensive minded boy in the boys club.. Mess we need ya. Pronto. Or even Simpson was part of the 06 Cup Run... too bad.. he was the last 50 goal scorer for the Oilers. Meh. Maybe I dunno.. but maybe there will be a miracle.. I had a dream many years ago that the Oilers won the cup and it said 2013 on it.

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