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08-09-2013, 08:16 AM
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Originally Posted by nah68 View Post

Thank you nah68 for validating... Much appreciated. It's my understanding this has been in place for awhile.
He never validated anything.....i can tell you or anyone factually how the match play program works....

If you are receiving financial aid they would like you to provide possible leads from businesses that may have an interest in donating money to the school to help support the financial aid program....the school contacts the possible donor and seeks a possible donation... The students acceptance is only conditional of having enough money in the program to accept them and not on finding individual funding. There have been many students who have attended ND for free and they are not the top players in hockey.....often they are not hockey players...if you need clarification call the school....

Making assumptions and then posting them on here is disingenuous.

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