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08-09-2013, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by KingPuckChoo View Post
question for you guys...

if something like the walking dead or under the dome happens to our society, do you think the price of hockey cards would drastically rise? or would he have an era where both a Todd Ewen Pro Set Rookie Card and a Sidney Crosby Young Guns be worth a penny?
The dome would have to have the entire world captured. Which, in a sense it basically is anyways since there's no where else in the universe we could live.

If it was a Zombie Apocalypse, then you'd probably want Crosby's first season as a player and his rookie card as a zombie.

In either case, food, water, batteries, blankets, shelter, etc would become much more costly and trivial things like TVs, hockey cards, etc would be worthless. Unless someone has an acquired taste for hockey cards...

Originally Posted by commie View Post
Regarding selling cards on Ebay...what would be the procedure for a non-paying buyer? The sale ended about 10 days ago, and there has been no payment or communication.

Report buyer, give negative feedback, re-list item, or just forget about it?

The dollar value of the sale wasn't too high, so I am not too worry.
But it suck to have to eat the ebay sales fees.
Have you contacted them ? I'd report them unless they don't respond to a message stating why they weren't able to pay.

Personally, I pay almost immediately so the seller isn't a complete tool and sends the card right away.

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