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08-09-2013, 09:34 AM
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The over the top trashing of MDZ definitely orginates from a sickness this fanbase got during the post-cup years. More or less.

People use alot of terms like braindead and mental lapses and stuff about MDZ, I don't get it. Defensemen makes misstakes with the puck. If you play with small marginals, you will make more misstakes. It comes with the territory! Sure, we as fans can complain on misstakes. But its like -- forwards -- get a free pass completely, because some fans just don't spot the misstakes they make, which puts our D's in their eyes in a much worse light.

Does MDZ make more or even more costly misstakes than Derek Stepan, Ryan Callahan, Carl Hagelin, Rich Nash and co? Why is it worse if Stepan on a 2 on 1 fails to pass the puck from E to W than if MDZ gives the puck away and causes a 2 on 1? Seriously? In one situation you give away a 2 on 1, and in the other you give up one? If Ryan Callahan gets to fire away on a goalie moving from post to post, he should put it home. If he doesn't put it home, that is a "misstake" too. A misstake like that warrants a "darn" in a GDT, a give away warrants 1000's of posts and terms like brain dead. Callahan is just as braindead for not putting that one-timer up top.

-In 19 of 20 offensive situations, everything achived is a bonus.

-In 99 of 100 defensive situations, everything achived is a must.

And this has especially annoyed me during the Torts era, when everything, and I litterary mean almost everything, we achived offensively where after we forced D's on the other side of the ice to caugh up pucks. All the while every single play when our D's caughed up a puck, it was seen as complete mindboggling misstake and some just don't seem to be able to fantom how a D can be such horrible player that he caugh up the puck after being pressured on the forecheck. Its ridiculous.

Just go to and look at random goals. How many goals in hockey is scored wtihin 4-5 sec after the team scoring the goal winning the puck? And in 3 of 4 plays, its the D's caughing up the puck. This league would be extemely low scoring if D's never caughed up the puck. I don't at all think MDZ has brain lapses and what not. Letang, Doughty, Dan Boyle, Kimmo Timmonen, Erik Karlsson and co all make misstakes with the puck. For MDZ, its something he gotta work on. For sure. But is it worse for MDZ to caugh up the puck as he does, than for say Ryan Callahan to not be able to pass the puck? It certainly wouldn't hurt if Callahan worked some on his play making ability either. Nobody would ever dream of tearing Callahan apart because he isn't a good play maker. But its the one big weakness he have for sure. If he didn't have it, if he was a strong playmaker, he would score closer to 80 pts per year. That is what, 15-20 goals per year we loose from him not being a good playmaker. Does MDZ cause 15-20 goals with giveaways every year? Does he even cause 5 goals per year? 3 goals?

I don't say that our forwards should be trashed more, or that our D's should be trashed less. Its a free world. But I don't at all get the large numbers of fans -- especially watching alot of live games at MSG -- who focus solely on D's ability to never make a misstake over every other ability that our hockey team has on the ice.

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