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08-09-2013, 09:51 AM
Felix Unger
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Originally Posted by Dutch Frost View Post

Long Island told him to get lost and his only option to get back that money lost is moving to Brooklyn. So we have the amateur product on the ice now.

Regin is gonna tear it up!!!!
I think your ideas are, for your own convenience, much simpler than the facts. Yelling and pounding the table also requires very little effort. I'd say something about lacking subtlety, but that always gets me in trouble.

In general, I think the motives of rich people who want power are sometimes difficult to understand and nearly always difficult to empathize with. Could you say how you'd behave in that circumstance? No, of course you can't, and I can't either. So, your indignation is completely lost on me.

My guess is that Charles Wang saw buying the Islanders and leveraging the team to increase density and mixed use areas in Nassau County as his legacy as a Long Islander of historical note. Good idea? Maybe, maybe not. Does he have an inflated sense of self? Almost certainly, people like him tend to be inflated. Is he a greedy shiester pulling one over on the people of Nassau County? It's not that simple.

Personally, I think Wang's Lighthouse Vision was a great idea, but had terrible timing (with key decision points occurring during the housing bust). And I think Wang completely misjudged what a bunch of snobby conservatives LI'ers can be. (I mean conservative in the general sense of being averse to change).

I'd have preferred a vibrant LI to the geriatric backwater that it's promising to become. Oh well.

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