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08-09-2013, 01:01 PM
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I at least am not trying to say Del Zotto is terribad or anything like that.

It's the low percentage plays he still makes that I do not understand.

A 100 foot stretch pass up the middle of the ice is a low percentage play. Picking the opposite corner high when shooting is a low percentage play, and not only that, it traps half the team when it goes out of the zone.

If a forward was out there making drop passes, or making turnovers at either the blue line or trying to beat 4 defenders in the neutral zone he'd be getting criticized as well. Miller falls into this category in my opinion, if he is still around and doing it after 250 NHL games, I'd expect similar things to be said about him. Richards was doing these things last season and it was noticed. Nylander used to do it but he was good at it so it was forgiven since Jagr scored 100 goals or whatever.

Being creative in certain areas of the ice is one thing, attempting to be creative with low percentage plays in certain areas of the ice where inherently if things go wrong it's like handing quality scoring chances to the other team is different.

Is this where I say nice things about Del Zotto so I do not get piled on? He is relatively tough and can sometimes be good defensively. When he gets on his horse instead of throwing the puck up ice, he can actually be a good puck transporter. When he takes charge of the puck and hits the net with his shot, it improves the Rangers chances of generating offense.

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