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Originally Posted by Comic Book Guy View Post
Sometimes you have to wonder how so many Oiler fans developed this "inferiority complex" towards any player outside their team.

The Isles wouldn't do Hemsky for Okposo? Are you serious? How do you justify this? Did you mistake Okposo for Evander Kane ?

- Are we talking about the same Okposo who's 25 years old? (4 years younger than Hemmer?)
- Are we talking about the same Okposo who had 4 goals last season?
- Are we talking about the same Okposo who was on a 7 goal pace last season? (Over 82 games)
- Are you going to say that Okoposo is a "powerforward" while Hemsky's a "finesse player"? The same Okposo who had 46 PIMs to Ales Hemsky's 52 PIM's in their last full seasons?
- Are you talking about the same Okposo who has had a career 0.58 PPG to Ales Hemsky's 0.76 PPG?
- Are you sure Garth Snow would really balk that BADLY over an Okposo for Hemsky proposal? Really?!?

What's wrong with Oiler fans? Why do we always have to downplay player values if they're not in the Fab 5? Why? Makes no sense.
There is zero argument here - the Islanders wouldn't even consider moving Okposo for Hemsky. Hemsky has zero trade value. Our GM publicly announced he'd be best off moving on and he is still here - that says something.

If you want some proof, go make a thread in the Islanders' forum posting this trade proposal. Okposo is 25 years old, not injury prone, and had a solid season when you consider the fact that he only had 5 points in his first 20 games (which makes sense when you consider he didn't play during the lockout). He finished the season which 19 points in his last 28 games which pro-rates to 56 points which is a respectable total.

The Islanders would openly laugh if we called offering Hemsky for Okposo. Hemsky hasn't topped 42 points for 5 years and he's a huge injury risk - he has zero trade value unless we're trading for a bad contract. This has nothing to do with an inferiority complex, it's reality. Brouwer for Hemsky is even more laughable.

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