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Originally Posted by Jimmi Jenkins View Post
Sure, I understand the idea of the depth of skill, but I would rather players who play their roles well. Hemsky isn't a 3rd line type player nor should be be.

If their's an injury who plays on the PP? Maybe add another defenseman, go with 3f-2d if there are injuries, because right now it's looking alot like 4f-1d for the 1st unit and probably 3f-2d for the 2nd

Challenge to what end? Because they might slack? Have you seen the guys in the top-6, especially on the wings? Their level of compete, work ethics and motors are something Hemsky couldn't fathom.

I like Ales Hemsky, but I'm not convinced him being a second fiddle, 3rd line player will be the best for the team on the whole. When does he lose motivation when he can't get any of the "cherry" icetime?

The advantage to trading Hemsky include closing a chapter, getting a player back who fits a role better and avoiding a possible headache
The idea of getting a player who fits the role better is okay, but simply put: If you get a guy worse than Hemsky in that spot, then your team gets worse. A good coach finds a way to give Hemsky icetime, ideally he's getting a similar amount as David Perron, because they are close in skills and talent.

Originally Posted by Trafalgar Law View Post
5 million in cap+bag of pucks>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ales Hemsky. With 5 million in cap space, we would've had far more cap flexibility in the offseason and could've picked up Eric Nystrom, Maxim LaPierre, and Benoit Pouliot or something. That makes us a much better team today and going forward. It wouldn't matter anyway, since the Capitals wouldn't do Ward for Hemsky unless we retained salary.

Or we could get a younger, cheaper option like Peter Mueller, who has produced at the same rate as Hemsky the past few seasons and is equally injury prone. It would accomplish the exact same thing, we'd get 4 million or so cap space to work with at the trade deadline, and we'd get a player that might actually revitalize his career unlike Hemsky, who peaked years ago. Also, speaking of injury history, Hemsky is far more injury prone than any other player on the team. The question we'll be asking isn't "who will Hemsky fill in for in the top 6?" it's "when will Hemsky get injured and who do we call up?"

Hemsky >>> Nystrom, Ward, Lapierre, Pouliot. Seriously, all 4 of those guys are basically plugs. Nystrom? Have you seen him play? He's awful, and Nashville overpaid huge to get him.

Mueller is way more injury prone than Hemsky. Hemsky's injuries lately stemmed from a shoulder problem that has been fixed and shouldn't be a problem ever again, as well as a foot injury from a freak shot from Jeff Petry. Mueller is a concussion case who hasn't been able to fully rebound since his days in Colorado. Hemsky > Mueller

Originally Posted by Doppler Drift View Post
Here is the quote from MacTavish as to Hemsky and Horc.

That is right from the horses mouth. So no dumping for a bag of pucks, or crap draft picks, etc. No valuable asset coming back Hemsky will still be here.
Horcoff's valuable asset in return was Larsen and a 7th, so I'm worried that MacT will try for a similar dump, which only makes sense if there is a good plan to add depth that tips the scale.

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