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01-12-2004, 08:40 AM
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Saturday's game...or "This old earthquake is gonna leave me in the poorhouse"

Well I got my tickets and a puck holder and a poster (B+W era Kings). The tickets were in the very last row. At least I can definatively say there are no bad seats at Staples. Now if we could just get the yayhoos to sit down during play. My 17 year old daughter went with me and in a testament to the game of hockey, she enjoyed herself. Ahh, the joys of fatherhood. BTW 17 year old girls rarely enjoy anything for 3 hours straight. Now to the game.

There were two different Kings squads on the ice. The one that played like zombies (few exceptions) in the first 2 periods, and the squad that actually looked decent in the third. In the first two periods you could count the times on fingers and toes (22 :p ) guys ventured into that rarefied area "between the dots". If they had a chance to take it there they passed the puck to anyone more open than they were, usually along the halfboards. These are squandered chances. We fight really hard behind the net and along the boards only to eventually lose a battle and have the other team break out. No one goes to the net (Klatt, 2Gs, Sim, Avery, Lappy and Straka were the exceptions). Jozef Stumpel seems to think "bustin' a move" is getting into the O zone and stopping. OK, maybe once in a while drive to the net Joey, you know, just to make them think twice. We are way too predictable when we have the puck. Ziggy's presence threw enough of a curve at the other team to keep them off balance. I think the sooner Brown is ready the better. He plays with a little more abandon than most of the guys we waltz with. His size should help too.

The defense played a competent game after the first 10 minutes or so but the difference in the amount of shots that they got between and below the dots and how many we got was reedickquelus . As well as our forwards play the boards in their end the other guys control the corners in our end. If we do get the puck we make a short pass to the half boards where our guy is pounced on by 2 of their guys and the puck doesn't make it out of the zone. There is no support for that pivot guy, he's on his own and over whelmed. You and I have seen it way too much.

I'm going to complain about the rigid systematic play we use. I understand that a player has to know what his teamates are going to do with the puck next. But we play the same game so much and so rigidly that the other guys also know what we are going to do. Andy is not the only coach who can prepare a team. We had more success early on because there wasn't enough evidence of what we do for the other guys to key on it. Daryl Sutter had Andy's number though, he'd seen it before in SJ. I'd like to see some diversity. Just a little opens the doors that have been closed to us by scouting. We need, badly to start paying in the middle of the ice instead of conceeding it.

Of course, this is from the perspective high in the rafters, or on the tube and just another silly assed fans opinion.

The best matchup all night was Norstom and Nash. This war was worth the price of admission alone, it's something you can concentrate on at the game that you only get to see if they "iso" it on TV...Avery is quickly becoming my favorite player and if he can get over the stigma of being a fecal-disturber he will make us forget Matt Schnieder...Roman is playing better, and is the nexus of our chances to make the playoffs...Making the palyoffs should be all we worry about now, the chance to be division winners has all but slipped into oblivion...The music that is played is overbearing and lost any punch that it used to have, it takes the crowd out of the game, it should be used more sparingly and be much more ecclectic, please take note Tim Liewicky there are more than liquored up headbangers in the building, Thank the good Lord...$5 for peanuts? Not in my lifetime!...Why don't we start bagging the statue of the one who shall remain nameless?...Is that a Squid on the horizon?...When my union contract runs out we just continue to negotiate and work under the old agreement until the new one has been worked out. Several times we've gone over a year in this way and both sides have not lost out because of a strike, I think this should be the first agreement at the negotiations for the CBA. I just can't think of living another season without hockey.

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