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Originally Posted by kenfury View Post
I honestly dont mind Peters in the role he has right now. While not the best speaker he comes from the heart, had cool stories, and I have a feeling many of the interviews are a result of him reaching out to people he knows. I also like that they can go on tangents sometimes. Far better than the afternoon guys who so clearly have an agenda that I cant listen to them anymore.
Peters is good half the time. He is good kibitzing with the players.

He was frustrating the hell out of Duff this week. Peters just can't keep up with Duff (or Sylvester). Both Duff and Sylvester will intro an idea/thought and then want/wait for Peters to respond. Dead air............ Duff was also working hard to keep Peters on topic.

A few times Duff just responded: "YOU ARE awful"

I think Peters just zones out or gets distracted. I really envision that he is texting during these moments.

Smart that Duff did the interview with DunLevy and RJ without Peters..

With that said when Sylvester started the show alone and had Peters on as a guest, I thought to myself that Sylvester needs Peters full time.

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