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08-09-2013, 10:49 PM
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For your information the red binder includes 2 cd's, student app form, student health info, medical form, principal recommendation, english an math recommendation, activity form, fee schedule, fridge magnets, and so on! Financial aid program sheet states....Please note. Families receiving financial aid will be required to participate in the college match play program. The math play program seeks out private and corporate source who donate funds which are distributed to individual students receiving assistance. THE END! What part of seeking out funds don't you get, or donate funds, or participate in this program. Sorry that I read this and don't quite get it the same as you, but thats pretty straight forward....and furthermore if you are looking for a scholastic or athletic scholarship you still need to go through this program(apple). I am in no way bashing ND....great place to be just has turned awfully political for my liking.

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