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01-12-2004, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Wildbeliefs
I know this has been debated to death, but I have to say something as well...

Let me start by saying that I am a Koivu fan, and I don't hate Theodore or Ribeiro. Ribeiro has yet to prove anything to me, but I like his game when he puts in the effort.

But I have to agree that I don't think Koivu could be traded. He might not be the best player in the league, but he's good enough to pull his own weight. However, the reason why I can't possibly conceive of a trade involving Koivu is that he is undeniably tied to the Habs and to Montreal. It seems to me that he has developed some strong ties in the community (that Saku Koivu Cancer foundation being an example that comes to mind...) So I think you're kind of missing the point when you say that games are won on the ice and that Koivu has not brought the Habs to the PO since he was put on the first line. Koivu brings an element to the Habs that has nothing to do with his on-ice game: charisma, for lack of a better word. Koivu is, in my opinion, one of the icons of the Habs. He's one of those guys that little kids look up to... and just to let you know, this is not limited to the Anglo crowd. I've known more than one little french boy that adores Koivu and wants to be just like him.

As you've pointed out several times, Koivu is not your beloved Lafleur. But to me, that doesn't matter: I didn't watch hockey when the flower was playing. I watch it now. And I have to say that imo, Koivu means too much to too many fans to be traded at this point. Of course, as I said, this is just my opinion. I also didn't think that Roy could ever be traded, but look what happened...

Just wanted to put this post into perspective. It is a very good post might I had that is well conceived and classy. While it is completely in line with my opinion it might not ncessarily be nothing but the truth...

Hockey in today's world is nothing but a business. And the action taken by a guy like Koivu are key to the survival of our concession because they are the tangible impact that this team has in the Montreal society. The Sens where bouth by melnilk and you might want to question why the sens...? Not just because they are a good team but there players are probably amongst the most active in there local community...

You would think that Lecavalier bieng french would have a bigger impact but you have to consider the possible negative impacts that he could bring to 1 the team and two the community. If the habs ends up a worst team not because Lecavalier is not better but because the team does not bound as well with him, and you end up with a finished Lecavalier destroyed by the media the negative impact of having traded captain courage to both the team and the community could be un-measurebly worst then the additional impact a good trade would bring to the team. In such I belive that the only asset MTL will be able to trade are players that might bring a high return without risking of destroying the team chimistry (i.e a high end prospect or pending UFA).

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