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Originally Posted by BoldNewLettuce View Post
Whas about
Hemmer at full cap retention to Detroit for abdelkader and a 2nd ?

Why? As much as I want hemsky to rebound and think he would if played properly, I think it will be to compettitive to get some top six minutes under eakins.

His game would suit Detroit perfectly. Playing with datsyuk and hank would be a boon.

For the oil, I'm not sure he will get the right situations to make his stock go up. Plus having him as a career oiler is probably not in his best interest given his skillset and the depth on rw and on the half boards.


Justin abdelkader

Ales hemsky (cap retention)

Abdelkader fits the oilers coach and rounds out the third line nicely.


The oilers have worse scoring depth but a better balanced team, maybe.

I would press for Detroit to add since I think hemsky could play well in a third line role, better than abdelkader? But that is a question of motivation and commitment to defensive zones
No way the Red Wings do this. They like him in Detroit and from what I read from comments by Wings fans is that he did a good job playing with Datsyuk in the playoffs.

Not to mention Abdelkader is signed long term and Hemsky is a FA at the end of the year.

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