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Originally Posted by PIM View Post
Well first, this is my first post in the Rangers section. I guess that means I should probably explain my votes...

I absolutely love Callahan as what he is- a third line grinder who fights once or twice a year. With the caliber of minutes and high slotting he's been given, he's a turnover machine, he makes bad decisions with the puck and his offensive flare is extremely inconsistent. I still think he's one of the most valuable middle six RW's in the league, but I don't think he's the type of player that comes anywhere near defining a contender franchise. He's defensively solid, a great PK'er, but so was Prust, and he beat the crap out of people.

Hagelin is knocked down a notch because he's the epitome of mediocrity. He has two moves- bouncing the puck along the boards outside a defender and winning the footrace and beating fundamentally unsound goaltenders on the wraparound. He's a good energy role player but he is not a top 6 caliber LW on any legitimate contender. He hits soft when he bothers to hit at all, his defensive play is mediocre- nowhere near even grazing the belly button of Callahan's. His shot isn't great. Nothing about him is anywhere above 'average,' he brings no unique quality to the table.

I feel like I need to point out that I personally like Cally and Hags both a lot, but I like the Rangers more, and neither of these guys scream anything close to MVP.

I used my +2 on Dan Girardi because I love watching the guy play. He's one of the few exceptional players currently wearing a Rangers sweater. He's just smart, and that's what it comes down to. He takes away all the low percentage shots and passes, he gets back in the high risk neutral zone situations, he blocks shots like he's made out of steel. He's just so reliable and consistent. Watching DZ play should increase every Rangers fan's opinion of Girardi- he might not be flashy, but he does his job, and he does it well.

There are a couple of players I would've upvoted (McD among them) but I was more focused on evening the playing field as much as I could. I hope I haven't alienated the entire Rangers board with my first post in the section.
Ryan Callahan -1 26
Carl Hagelin -1 26
Rick Nash 32
Derek Stepan 39

Ryan McDonagh 39
Dan Girardi +2 21
Marc Staal 33
Anton Stralman 14
Haven't played this. Sometimes it reminds me of a popularity contest. Anyway no problem with your logic. You did leave out Brassard though--who is a hard player at this point in time to judge but considering he led the team in scoring in the playoffs he should get some love for that.

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