Thread: Player Discussion: At season's end, which one to keep?
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08-10-2013, 07:30 PM
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Originally Posted by MaxHabs24 View Post
Me too I'd give him a chance, be he definitely CAN get worse. He's old and injury prone man! Not saying he will get worse, but don't count on him to become the stud he was.
One of markov's big injuries was a skate cut. I don't think it counts as injury prone. His knee will never be 100% again but unlike subban he doesn't rush and isn't that type of player so he won't need to put as much wear and tear on it. I think he'll be fine.

Subban can get worse, so can eller, galchenyuk and others. We're always hopeful no one regresses. At this point however, I think it's safe to say Markov will improve his stamina and timing and that should help. Other factors like age will play a factor but once again, he never relied on speed and physicality like subban. Hockey IQ won't fade.

Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
Different era buddy. By 2014-2015 Beaulieu will be ready to play top 4 minutes.
What's that have to do with anything? Why not have depth and besides Beaulieu may never be as good as Markov. We're hopeful but he may just end up a #4 and even in Markov's extended absence he's come back as at least a top 3.

Originally Posted by hogtownhabsfan View Post
Beaulieu is being groomed to replace Markov.

Diaz is a different discussion but as long as the price is right he's a good third pairing offensive RD.
No one will replace what Markov was and Beaulieu may not even bring what Markov brings now. It's not to say Subban isn't better or beaulieu may never be. It's just a question of what Markov brings. He changes our PP and can play top 4 minutes and in any situation. He's a good player and we shouldn't underestimate his value.

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