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08-10-2013, 08:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Hagged View Post
This is a bold statement to make. He could be an impact player in OHL but that is something we just can't be sure of. Nordic players in general tend to have career paths in which they hit their prime later. There haven't been any Nordic player that has "absolutely destroyed" any Canadian junior league, at least that I'd remember.

Teravainen is a good prospect but he most propably wouldn't even be one of the best CHL players. His size and strength would be exposed most propably since CHL has around the same average size as FEL (difference is less than 5lbs). In finnish junior U20 league, which has over 5kg (~10lbs) smaller average weight and couple of inches less average height than either CHL or FEL, he was less than a point per game player at age 16 and at age 17 he was at less than 2PPG pace before cracking the Jokerit FEL team. At that age he most definitely wouldn't have absolutely destroyed Canadian junior leagues. And I highly doubt he would do that even this season as a 19 year old.

He has the best traits of a big ice playmaker and the transition to the smaller ice will propably be hard for him too.

That said I think he would be a point per game player. But we can't know that for sure.
You are totally delusional IMO. You are completely overrating the competition in the CHL.

You "think" he would be a PPG player? Lmao. Of course he would. I don't think anyone with a functioning brain would think otherwise.

Sure, maybe he wouldn't "dominate" the CHL but maybe he would. I think if he was in the CHL this year he'd be one of the best players. He is that talented. Anyways, who cares about the CHL...Teuvo doesn't need it and he'll be in the AHL hopefully next season. It will take some adjusting to the North American ice and game but he should be fine. If you heard how the Blackhawks front office talks about Teuvo they think he will be an impact NHLer. He was ranked top 10 by most scouting services for a reason...they think he'll be good in the NHL. I'll think I'll side towards the experts and actual NHL front office/scouts.'d. Alex Broadhurst had 28 points in 21 playoff games. Plenty small players do just fine...the CHL is not some super tough league that is too hard for small players as we see from a bunch of small players racking up huge points in it. Teravainen would do great, especially this year as a 19 year old. No question in my mind.

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