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08-11-2013, 12:23 AM
Gert B Frobe
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Not at all impressed with Chris Pryor and the way he handles himself in a meeting. He seems like a argumentative, combative ****. If he has a superior eye for talent then that's fine - but I don't get the whole tough guy crap. It seems like that room had too many steakheads and not enough brains. Give me a super-intelligent nerd who never played the game over some 50 year old ex AHL guy who works out all the time and thinks he's some kind of hard-ass.

I don't get this organization's love for the tough guy. I never understood how Berube got a job anywhere - the guy is a total cement head. So you could fight when you were 30 - great. How does that make him a good coach? Snider's infatuation with tough guys is his greatest shortcoming.

Love the Morin pick though. So maybe having knuckles for brains works out sometimes..

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