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08-11-2013, 01:22 AM
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Originally Posted by NYRangers723 View Post
Mets rotation is gonna be sick. harvey is already a beast, wheeler is getting better the more experience he gets, syndergaard is only 20 and is 6-0 with 1.75 ERA in AA. Gee and Niese are only 26/27 years old. Flores has a very high ceiling as an offensive threat, Travis D'arnaud is coming the next week or so. All we need is a couple decent free agents and its gonna be fun
Montero had another fabulous outing tonight too.

Originally Posted by darko View Post 1:52:28 PM&webtag=ml-mets&firstDisc=101

There's also a thread comparing Flores to Miggy and moving Wright to shortstop.
Oh, you meant the forums on Yeah I'd expect those ones to be a cesspool. I forgot they even existed.

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